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Prana / Aramid - Heavy Water Layup

Prana / Aramid - Heavy Water Layup

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This is a great Fiberglass kayak designed by Current Designs.
As a collaborative effort between Danish designer Jesper Kromann-Andersen and Current Designs award-winning team, the new Prana touring kayak is as much at home in surf and rock gardening as it is to crossing a mirror-like bay. Available in fiberglass and Kevlar layups, the Prana is a quick and highly maneuverable kayak, with an efficient shape that chews through the miles. The hull is more stable than its svelte 21 inch beam would lead you to expect., while a hybrid hard chine and tracking-friendly rocker profile makes this 17 foot touring kayak perfect for all conditions. The Prana is standard with both fore and aft day hatches, fore and aft large hatches and a full accompaniment of safety and comfort. Also available in a LV (low-volume) version.

Heavy Water Layup - this premium layup adds approximately 5lbs of reinforcements to create a stiffer, more durable kayak. It’s our favourite layup, and highly recommended for any paddler who plays hard.

Maximum Load: 375 lbs.
Aramid Heavy Water Layup Weight: Approximately 54 lbs.

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