Molfar PonchoMolfar Poncho


Molfar Poncho

Fortunately we can’t influence weather, but we know how to change heavy rain and wind in the mountains for adventure and good memory. Molfar is poncho that will protect you...
Men's Riptide Splash JacketMen's Riptide Splash Jacket


Men's Riptide Splash Jacket

A splash jacket only on paper, on the water, the NRS Men's Riptide Jacket delivers advanced waterproof, breathable protection for paddlers willing to gamble on the conditions. Features an articulated...
Women's Riptide Splash JacketWomen's Riptide Splash Jacket


Women's Riptide Splash Jacket

Fully featured and designed to protect against all the elements. In the NRS Women's Riptide Jacket, you'll never wish you had stayed on the couch. Advanced waterproof-breathable technology pairs with...
Men's Stratos Paddling JacketMen's Stratos Paddling Jacket
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Men's Stratos Paddling Jacket

Paddlers looking to commit to heavier whitewater without committing to the price tag of premium drywear need the NRS Men's Stratos Comfort-Neck Jacket in their gear bag. Features advanced waterproof,...
Women's Freefall Dry PantWomen's Freefall Dry Pant


Women's Freefall Dry Pant

Lightweight dry pants purpose-built for female paddlers, the NRS Women's Freefall Dry Pant features HyproTex™ 2.5 construction, premium fabric socks and an inner tunnel to mate with a dry top....
Men's Orion Paddling JacketMen's Orion Paddling Jacket


Men's Orion Paddling Jacket

On days when the sea meets the sky and you're at the mercy of Mother Nature, being prepared for the unpredictable is crucial. Featuring a neoprene neck seal for all-day...
Men's Endurance JacketMen's Endurance Jacket
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Men's Endurance Jacket

Lightweight, waterproof protection at an entry-level price, the NRS Men's Endurance Jacket delivers the perfect type of coverage for splashy runs, breezy canyons and rainy days. Designed with room to...
Women's Endurance Splash JacketWomen's Endurance Splash Jacket


Women's Endurance Splash Jacket

From the early morning mist to the afternoon winds, and the splash and rain you can't predict, the NRS Women's Endurance Jacket comes through with lightweight, waterproof protection. Designed to...
Sidewinder BibSidewinder Bib


Sidewinder Bib

Cold-weather fishing requires patience, persistence and a thick skin. The NRS Sidewinder Dry Bib gives adventure anglers a fully waterproof option for wading deeper into cold water. EclipseLT™ fabric for...