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Nimbus Schleicher - Full Carbon

Nimbus Schleicher - Full Carbon

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The Feather is a revolutionary paddle designed by
Steve Schleicher of Nimbus Kayaks.

Steve wanted to introduce the high-efficiency and speed of a winged racing paddle to kayak touring, while incorporating the versatility and stability of a touring design. It has the excellent grip and forward propulsion of a winged racing paddle, but without the unpredictability of one when bracing or sculling.


  • It’s asymmetrical dihedral shape combined with the concave scooped blade, retains and concentrates your grip on the forward stroke.
  • The scooped design centres your efforts with the shaft, righting itself, and locking the blade in the water, eliminating flutter.
  • The entry edge of the blade is thin to allow for easy entry into the water and the back is smooth in order to reduce lifting water on exit.
  • Ideal for experienced paddlers looking for a more advanced race-style experience incorporated in their kayak excursions.
  • Suitable for experienced paddlers in moderate ocean conditions

Weight and Dimensions:

  • Carbon Fiber – 850 grams (30oz)


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