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Woodford Illustrate

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

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Beautiful kayak greeting card with envelope by Andrew Woodford.

This is a perfect Christmas card for paddling and kayaking enthusiasts! This stunning design has been created by a talented local artist who has captured the beauty and excitement of sea kayaking in a unique and captivating way.

The card features a beautiful scene of a kayaker paddling through crystal-clear waters. The intricate details and vibrant colours of the design make it truly eye-catching and a wonderful addition to any holiday greetings.

Not only is this Christmas card a great way to send your warm wishes to your loved ones during the holiday season, but it also makes for an ideal gift for paddling and kayaking lovers.

The card is printed on high-quality cardboard, ensuring that it will last for years to come and can even be framed as a beautiful piece of art. It comes with a blank interior, allowing you to customize your own message and add a personal touch to your greetings.

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