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Karla Fiberglass/Low Volume (Smoke/Yellow/Red) - Heavy Water Layup

Karla Fiberglass/Low Volume (Smoke/Yellow/Red) - Heavy Water Layup

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The beautifully designed Karla Fiberglass kayak is the third collaboration between Danish designer Jesper Kromann-Andersen and Current Designs which is brought to you in a Smoke, Red, and Yellow colour combination. This Low Volume premium Heavy Water Layup adds approximately 5 lbs of reinforcements to create a stiffer, more durable kayak. It’s our favourite layup and highly recommended for any paddler who plays hard.

This installment brings even more nimbleness and wave-riding capability to the paddler. Compared to the Sisu, the Karla is slightly shorter and narrower with additional volume in the bow as an added measure against pearling. The Karla is a user-friendly kayak to being your exploration of the surf zone and facilitates your adventures. Expert paddlers will equally appreciate this dynamic design.

Maximum Load: 375 lbs.
Fiberglass Heavy Water Layup Weight: Approximately 57 lbs.

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