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FEB-JUN | Skill builder to Rough Water

FEB-JUN | Skill builder to Rough Water

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Come with us on a transformative five-month sea kayaking program designed for enthusiasts seeking mastery in rough water conditions. Led by seasoned instructors, this comprehensive adventure combines skill-building with immersive experiences. Navigate challenging coastal environments, mastering advanced techniques. Explore diverse marine ecosystems, encountering wildlife along the way. From dynamic surf zones to open ocean paddling, each month unveils new challenges and triumphs. Build resilience, refine navigation skills, and forge lasting connections with fellow kayakers. This program promises a half-year journey of growth, pushing boundaries, and creating indelible memories in the thrilling realm of rough water sea kayaking.

  • What's included***: 
    • A mix of scheduled and informal check ins
    • Monthly theory sessions about weather, trip planning, risk management, swell development 
    • 1 weekend per month on the water with instruction

***Contact us for dates and details 

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