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Double Kayak Bundle

Double Kayak Bundle

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A great deal for you and your fellow paddler. This bundle includes the following items:

  • Crosswind Double Kayak
    An  extremely stable, efficient and comfortable-to-use kayak made by Current Designs. It is affordable, durable and easily fits large or small paddlers. The well-designed seat system and built-in thigh braces enable the paddlers to feel more connected and in control of the boat. The Crosswind is a perfect double kayak for day long or week-long touring. The Crosswind has a state-of-the-art flip-up rudder system, deck rigging and full deck lines. This fine double kayak is very seaworthy and offers exceptional features above all other touring kayaks in its class.
  • 2x 215 cm Sting Ray paddles
    The 2023 blade style for flatwater, the Sting Ray Fiberglass offers tight-fitting construction and reliable performance. The f
    iberglass shaft is lightweight and warm on the hands and the mid-sized, fibreglass-reinforced blades allow for a smooth, flutter-free forward stroke.
  • 2x NRS Crew Universal PFD
    The NRS Crew Universal PFD is ideal for flatwater boating and close-to-shore safety. No frills or fancy stuff; this life jacket offers safety and all-day wearing comfort.
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