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Donation to Belmont Outdoor ED

Donation to Belmont Outdoor ED

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Belmont’s Outdoor Education program is an opportunity for students to engage with a variety of outdoor pursuits regardless of their financial background or skill level. There are approximately 200 participants in Outdoor Education every year, which is more than 10% of the school population. Anyone can take the class, at any grade level, and everyone is able to participate in the class activities. 

From Belmont High School Outdoor Education:

Thanks to the generosity and support of BestCoast Outfitters, we are offering an optional kayaking trip that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to many of our Outdoor Ed students. We lead fundraising efforts to further bring the cost of the trip down for students regardless of their socio-economic status if they so choose to participate in this extra curricular activity.

The teen years are a pivotal time for students to build confidence and grow outside of their comfort zone. Almost all of our students are new to the activities we do in Outdoor Ed. Ocean kayaking is a very popular choice that can be cost prohibitive without programs such as ours and help from companies like BestCoast Outfitters. I personally was fortunate enough to have a volunteer organization sponsor me when I was a teen which led to a lifelong and transformative experience. This is why I volunteer my time for the youth in my community and provide opportunities like this. 

I hope you will consider making a donation to enable our students to experience the wonder of ocean kayaking for the first time.

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