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Apex Poncho

Apex Poncho

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  • Insulated: packed and fully loaded, our Apex Poncho will keep you warm and toasty on the coldest of mornings. Don’t go on an expedition without it.

  • Water Resistant: for all those dewy mornings, rainy afternoons, and unexpected splashes, you can rest easy and dry when you’re wearing the Apex Poncho.

  • Adjustable fit: it’s all about versatility. Zip up or zip down at your leisure, and when you're finished, unzip the whole thing and turn your poncho into a blanket.

  • Stash pockets: got something to stash? This poncho has pockets everywhere. Some with zippers for everything important, and some insulated to keep your hands warm.


Large: 43.5” x 33.5” | 111cm x 85cm (across)


Fully insulated, water-resistant, and lined with an ultra absorbent microfiber so you can dry off while keeping warm. Or unzip it and you have yourself blanket. Take it with you next time you're surfing in the snow, deep sea fishing in the fog, or just hanging by the campfire.

LEUS products exceed industry standards set by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

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