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233 Discovery Islands South Kayaking and Boating Map

233 Discovery Islands South Kayaking and Boating Map

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About this region: Quadra and Cortes Islands are the largest of the Discovery Islands, an archipelago loosely defined to cover a varied geographical grouping that also includes East and West Thurlow Islands, Sonora, Maurelle, Read, the Rendezvous Islands, Stuart and East and West Redonda islands. It has become a popular tourism destination for all the obvious reasons: meandering waterways, mountainous backdrops, pristine shorelines and a real opportunity to get away from it all without the risks or travel distances inherent in many other more remote and exposed coastal areas. The Discovery Islands also offer an incredible mix of land features that add to the charm, as you can as easily explore islands without the need to put a paddle near the water. 

What's included: One side is the large, regional map showing features and attractions in unrivalled detail, while the opposite side includes logistical and trip planning information to make an accompanying guide book unnecessary. 

The mapsheet construction: This mapsheet uses the latest printing technology to provide a high-quality printed image on waterproof/durable synthetic polymer stock. The stock is is significantly thicker than most papers at 10 mil weight, making it extremely durable.  

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