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Nimbus Paddles

Nimbus Wave Walker SP

Nimbus Wave Walker SP

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The SP is essentially a cut down version of its bigger brother - the Wave Walker. The SP targets the same performance parameters: it features a really positive bite, and a powerful blade shape for aggressive acceleration, control, and maneuverability, but all scaled down for a smaller paddler. 

 If you’re a big strong guy, go for the standard Wave Walker. If you are a smaller paddler, or want a play-oriented blade that will be a little easier on your shoulders and joints, definitely try an SP. It’s one of our favorite blades at BestCoast Outfitters.


  • Ideal for high-angle paddlers
  • Large power face (although smaller than the standard Wave Walker) to move you quickly and efficiently through rough waters
  • Great for play in big water and surf, and for expeditions on rough, exposed waters
  • Suitable for all conditions
  • Ideal for smaller to midsized paddlers, or those looking for a play-oriented paddle that will reduce stress and strain on muscles and joints

Weight and Dimensions:

  • Carbon – 770 grams (27oz)
  • Fiberglass – 850grams (30oz)
  •  Blade size – Coming Soon

Available in full Carbon Fibre, or Fiberglass – in a two piece design. 

Other laminate options, and 4 piece construction available as special orders.

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