Watershed Ocoee Dry DuffelWatershed Ocoee Dry Duffel


Watershed Ocoee Dry Duffel

The smallest of our popular duffel-style submersible bags. The Ocoee fits in tight places such as below the deck of a kayak or under a boat seat. Great for a...
$179.95 CAD
Women's 2.0 Farmer Jane WetsuitWomen's 2.0 Farmer Jane Wetsuit


Women's 2.0 Farmer Jane Wetsuit

Paddling in the fringe seasons requires a cozy core. The NRS Women's 2.0 Farmer Jane Wetsuit is purpose-built for core insulation while providing optimal stretch and mobility. 2 mm high-stretch...
$159.95 CAD
Men's Riptide Splash JacketMen's Riptide Splash Jacket


Men's Riptide Splash Jacket

A splash jacket only on paper, on the water, the NRS Men's Riptide Jacket delivers advanced waterproof, breathable protection for paddlers willing to gamble on the conditions. Features an articulated...
$279.95 CAD
Bravo High-Pressure 12 Volt PumpBravo High-Pressure 12 Volt Pump
Sold Out


Bravo High-Pressure 12 Volt Pump

The Bravo BTP 12 High-Pressure Pump is the perfect solution for quickly inflating your stand up paddleboard. Hook it up to a 12-volt battery and it puts out up to...
$249.95 CAD

BestCoast Outfitters

STARBOARD 11'2" x 31+" iGo Zen Single Chamber Inflatable SUP Board with Paddle

Every Starboard inflatable paddle board features welded rails The Heat Welded rails create a complete airtight, mechanically bonded seam without the risk of glue weakening over time. Making the board...
$799.00 CAD
Inflatable Paddle FloatInflatable Paddle Float

North Water

Inflatable Paddle Float

The unique shape makes it perfect for Euro or Greenland paddles. Double air chamber for built in safety, High visibility colors with reflective trim makes it easy to spot day...
$129.95 CAD
Men's Stratos Paddling JacketMen's Stratos Paddling Jacket


Men's Stratos Paddling Jacket

Paddlers looking to commit to heavier whitewater without committing to the price tag of premium drywear need the NRS Men's Stratos Comfort-Neck Jacket in their gear bag. Features advanced waterproof,...
$259.95 CAD

Dagger Kayaks

Outbound Spray Skirt

Designed in collaboration with Palm Equipment, this premium quality touring spray skirt is designed for adventures that require the protection of a neoprene deck and the all-day comfort of a breathable fabric...
$224.99 CAD


SUP 12’6” X 31” Touring Lite Tech

This Touring paddle board is suited for all skill levels that want the fastest glide to paddle distances quickly with comfortable stability and the option to carry gear along the...
$1,879.00 CAD $1,750.00 CAD
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