Toaster MIttsToaster MItts


Toaster MItts

Combining a traditional mitten design with thick neoprene construction, the NRS Toaster Mitts maximize insulation and paddle control for cold-water paddling. 3 mm raw neoprene exterior with titanium laminate adhesive...

Sweet Protection

Strutter Helmet

Originally designed in 1997 and still the most iconic helmet in paddlesports, the Strutter offers impressive low-volume protection for river running and playboating. Inspired by the original baseball cap, the...
WBSJ Rain Boots GreyWBSJ Rain Boots Grey


WBSJ Rain Boots Grey

WBSJ rain boots are perfect for active people. They are loose enough to wear jeans in the boots but fit tight on the ankle to keep from slipping off when...
Molfar PonchoMolfar Poncho


Molfar Poncho

Fortunately we can’t influence weather, but we know how to change heavy rain and wind in the mountains for adventure and good memory. Molfar is poncho that will protect you...
Clutch PogiesClutch Pogies


Clutch Pogies

The NRS Clutch Pogies are fantastic for paddling on the coldest of days when you want to keep a direct grip on your paddle. The NRS Clutch Pogies are the...


BC Coast Explorer Volume 1: North and West Vancouver Island

Some places in this world are still wild, remote and untouched. The outer coast of Vancouver island is one such remarkable place. Author and explorer John Kimantas takes you through...

GSI Outdoors

Java Grind

Make a sophisticated brew in the backwoods. This slick little coffee grinder is hand powered and geared to make your grinding efforts go further and the coffee come sooner. Made...
Surf Ears 3.0Surf Ears 3.0


Surf Ears 3.0

SurfEars, earplugs that let sound in and keep water out. They come with changeable parts in different sizes that allow you to customize them for your ears in order to...


Surf Sprayskirt

SURF SPRAYSKIRT FEATURES: High performance 4mm neoprene 3/8" stitched bungee attachment to the rim Form fitting anatomical tunnel is 9" high. A low fit 6" tunnel is also available (custom)...