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MAY1-6 | Paddle Canada Level 4 Skills: Victoria & West Coast Vancouver Island

MAY1-6 | Paddle Canada Level 4 Skills: Victoria & West Coast Vancouver Island

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Our Paddle Canada Level 4 Skills Course offers an intensive curriculum for sea kayaking in technically challenging locations. With a focus on scenarios and problem solving, the course develops decision-making and paddling skills suitable for travelling in class-4 or greater water conditions. You'll gain experience in surf and currents, and confidently kayak the remote and exposed open coast for an extended trip, as part of a group.


  • Lee Richardson: Lee is a professional sea kayak instructor with over 17 years combined in the educational and sea kayak industry. He has taught at Symposiums all over North America and teaches and guides regularly on the East Coast and West Coast. Instructor Trainer; Paddle Canada (PC) Level 4 Skills, PC Level 3 Instructor and Level 1 Instructor Trainer.
  • James Roberts: James is the co-founder of Ontario Sea Kayak Centre and is our Senior Instructor Trainer and Lead Expedition Guide. James Roberts started surf kayaking at age 18 off the coast of the Isle of Wight, England. After immigrating to Canada in 2003 he took his surf kayak skills and started sea kayaking. His love of guiding kayaking expeditions and teaching paddling skills has taken him all over Canada from the Great Lakes to both the East and West coasts and up to Nunavik, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories. As a lead sea kayak guide and Expedition Leader James has worked in Antarctica, The Canadian and Norwegian Arctic, Iceland, Greenland, USA, England, and Mexico.


  • Paddle Canada Level-3 certification
  • At least 10 day-trips kayaking in class-3 condition
  • A minimum of three extended trips totalling 10 or more overnights
  • The student must show evidence (e.g. weather/sea state logs, photography or video) that they spent a minimum of five days during any trip in class-3 conditions. 
  • An ability to confidently roll (on one side) in class-3 conditions is essential.

Location and meeting time: 

  • TBD. The instructors will use the forecast to determine the best locations and meeting times for the course. 


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