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Current Designs Kayaks: Custom Kayaks and New Parent Company

In an exciting development for kayaking enthusiasts, the well-known artisan canoe and paddle makers, Sanborn Canoe Company, have taken on a new role as the parent company of the iconic North American kayak brand, Current Designs. This strategic move signals a shift in focus for Current Designs, as they commit to advancing the development and production of their composite models while bidding farewell to their plastic kayak lineup.

Sanborn/Merrimack, renowned for their ability to create floating works of art through the blend of natural materials, cutting-edge composites, and fabulous designs, has brought their unique touch to the iconic North American kayak brand. Their designs are timeless masterpieces, marked by an essence of Shibui that makes them instantly recognizable and enduring classics.

The direction that Current Designs is embarking upon is one of high-end, custom-made-to-order sea kayaks that offer top-tier performance at an affordable price. With the convenience of direct purchasing and personalized delivery, prices seem to revert to pre-Covid times, much to the delight of paddlers.

The customization options are extensive, with a palette of 15 new colors to choose from, along with four deck patterns that showcase the meticulous craftsmanship. An enhanced online experience awaits customers, with the revamped website making it effortless to explore the diverse range of kayaks and create their own virtual designs.

Current Designs Custom Kayaks and models


  • Models available - Solstice GT, Solstice GTS, Solstice GT Titan, Equinox GT, Equinox GTS, Prana, Prana LV, Sisu, Sisu LV, Karla, Karla LV

Current Designs Custom Kayaks colour palette

  • New exciting Colour Palette for Current Designs Custom Kayaks 

 Current Designs Custom Kayaks Deck Patterns

  • Current Designs Custom Kayaks Deck Patterns


These kayaks will continue to be available in four layup options: Fiberglass, Aramid, and a HeavyWaters version for each material. The HeavyWaters Layup introduces additional reinforcing layers of material around the hull, chines, and cockpit, reducing flex and adding a protective layer for durability.

The collaboration between Current Designs Kayaks and Sanborn Canoe Co. promises a bright future for sea kayaking enthusiasts. By leveraging the combined expertise of these legendary brands, the partnership ensures a continuation of innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship for years to come.


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