JUN1-4 | Southern Gulf Islands Tour

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Embark on a captivating kayak odyssey through the breathtaking Southern Gulf Islands in British Columbia, a true world class adventure. Glide through crystal-clear waters, framed by lush landscapes and towering evergreens, as you explore hidden coves and pristine shorelines. Dive into a mosaic of cultures within charming island communities, each island has a story. Whether you’re an experienced paddler or a novice adventurer, this tour promises a unique fusion of thrill and tranquility. Encounter diverse marine life, from playful seals to majestic orcas, in an immersive journey that unveils the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest. Unleash your wanderlust on this unforgettable global kayak experience

  • What's included: 4 days of guided sea kayaking,  single or double kayak rental including paddle and safety equipment, food and snacks for the trip
  • Location: Southern Gulf Islands
  • Please bring (rentals available upon request): Tent, sleeping bag and mat, clothing for paddling

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