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MAR23-27 | Paddle Canada Level 3 Skills: Deer Group

MAR23-27 | Paddle Canada Level 3 Skills: Deer Group

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We are excited to be offering a Paddle Canada Level 3 Skills program in the spring of 2024. During our Level-3 Skills program paddlers will spend 5-days paddling within the Deer Group Islands. This location is selected it provides challenging and diverse learning environments with a variety of conditions including; currents, swell, wind and waves.

The focus of this program will be on the application of leadership, decision making and risk management skills allowing team members the opportunity to lead and make decisions based upon weather conditions and the sea state encountered. Competent boat handling and rescue & safety skills in the variety of conditions will also be a focus of the Paddle Canada Level 3.

  • What's included: 5 days of instruction by certified Paddle Canada instructors, Paddle Canada Certification upon successful completion of the course
  • Location: Deer Group Islands
  • Prerequisites: Paddle Canada Level 2 skills or equivalent skills. 
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